Luke White and Tyler Fraser are the 2017 HERTZEL CUP CHAMPIONS!!!

Welcome to the home of the Hertzel Cup!

The 2017 Greater Cincinnati Mens Open Platform Championship, "Hertzel Cup", was held this year on Saturday, February 25, 2017. 93 matches were conducted in this year's championship on the great paddle facilities at Cincinnati CC, Kenwood CC, Camargo Club, Hyde Park CC and Cincinnati Sports Mall. Tyler Fraser and Luke White became champions after winning grueling semifinal and final matches against past champions. In the semis, they defeated Rob Bakker and Ben Hall in an epic three set match. In the finals, they faced Thaddeus Reed and Ryan Floth who were primed to win after a straight set victory against number 2 seed Doug Jones and Evan Webeler. Congratulations to Tyler and Luke!!

Since the City Open Championship was renamed the Hertzel Cup in honor of Rob Hertzel in January 2012, this year's championship featured the city's greatest paddle players and hosted no less than 44 teams competing for its coveted Trophy Board and signed Players Flags. Hertzel Cup contestants have found this championship to be the best Cincinnati paddle day of the year as teams compete, players see old friends and make new ones while honoring the memory of Rob Hertzel who died of cancer on Nov 11, 2011.

Robby was a long time friend and supporter of Cincinnati paddle community. Winning this championship twice and chairing the tournament for a number of years, his passion for paddle, horses, golf and life was only surpassed by his love for his family. Robby was diagnosed with cancer on February 15, 2010, the Monday after the 2010 GCPTA Championship and played in the championship even though challenged by the disease. It is our goal to honor Robby's memory and courage by promoting the Hertzel Cup and cultivating its rich history and tradition in the future.

Group photo of 2017 Hertzel Cup players

Hertzel Cup Championship - 2017 Contestants

photo of 2017 Hertzel Cup winners

2017 Hertzel Cup Winners - Tyler Fraser / Luke White

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